Saturday, January 30, 2010


Your all invited to join Raegan's Walkers for the Annual Great Strides Walk

Walk Site: 2010 Oklahoma City - Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner

Date: May 8, 2010
Time: 08:30 AM
Chapter: Sooner Chapter -- Oklahoma City Office

Alright!  So we are in an economic crunch.  Everyone is feeling the tightning of their belt and having to make cut-backs.  However, CF don't adhear to the cut-backs, listen to the news, adhere to a budget or any of those daily evils we live by. 

Therefore, Raegan's Walkers is gearing up for 2010!  Our Great Strides Walk in Oklahoma City is 3 months away and we need your help to find a cure for CF.  So, lets band together to make a difference this year and help find a cure NOW!  Our loved one's need our help. Without it our wonderful team of doctors and specialist that spend countless hours trying to find a cure there would be no hope.  However, because of their dedication and your support, they have been able to extend the life of our loved ones to 36 years old.  Now, for most of you reading this your probably thinking how is that so great.  Well, before 2006, the life expectancy of a CF patient was barley 18. 

With the help of  family, friends and volunteers we have been able to put various treatments in the Drug Pipeline that could help extend the life of a patient or even CURE CF!  Without it, all of this stops.........  So please join Raegan's Walkers in 2010 and help us find a cure for CF.

"where there is HOPE, there is LIFE"
"making a difference one step at a time"